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Digital Contact Audience Studio helps to have all your customer data centralized and available from an intuitive interface for deep segmentation with SQL-like granularity while aligning your interactions with compliance policies.

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Bring your data from any source under one umbrella to deliver precise personalization

Create a unified customer profile

Capture, store and unify your disparate knowledge about your customer for highly targeted marketing campaigns.

Identify new audiences for your products with AI help

Discover new clients buckets for each product with machine learning analyzing billions of behavior signals.

Share audiences across all marketing channels

Use your segments for precise targeting on other advertising platforms to deliver smooth marketing experiences for your clients.

Know your customers

Increase engagement by creating highly targeted campaigns based on unified customer profile.


Identify new audiences based on their interactions with your campaigns

Use billions of data signals intelligently

Develop new target audiences with AI analyzing your customers behavioral signals and profile attributes.

Optimize the customer path for outstanding results

Use all your data attributes and events to drive customer journeys that convert.

Unleash the true potential of event-level targeting

Reach your customers when they are ready to listen by triggering them at the perfect time.

Talk 1-on-1 with your customers at scale

Support your customers success with automated campaigns driven by sophisticated data science analysis on massive datasets.


Manage your audiences with a peaceful mind by using built-in suppression lists maintenance framework

Exclude automatically non-compliant audiences

Create auto updated segments and bind them with products, geo or any other specific conditions, so you have all your campaigns cleaned against these audiences.

Use your external suppression lists with ease

Easily integrate dynamic external audiences that you'd like to be excluded by providing direct links to the lists.

Send your special offers to the right customers only

Be confident that you offer discounts and special loyalty program benefits only to those who met the requirements by adding dynamic event-based multiple suppression lists to your assets.

Export all-time tracking history to prove consent

Get all the historical data per record with ease so you can prove consent for different regulatory environments.


Keep talking with your subscribers 1-on-1,
whether you’re sending 1 or 20 million

Leave nothing to chance

Preview and test every message before you send it to ensure quality in every email.

Automate the email journey

Increase your team’s efficiency and make your job easier. Set up a delivery schedule so customers experience your brand the way you want — without a heavy manual workload.

Build 1-to-1 relationships with every customer

Unmatched flexibility and scalability empower you to maintain 1-to-1 relationships — even with enterprise audiences of millions.

Fine-tune on the fly

Make rapid iterations to your journey and run tests quickly and confidently. Learn what’s working, what isn’t, and how to perfect each campaign.

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