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The only way to move towards ambitious goals and make a difference is to let passionate and brilliant people do their job!


Our core motivation is to deliver real value and meaningful results for our customers

We deal with day-to-day problems that digital-marketers in agencies as well as solo marketing professionals face in their practice: enormous amount of work, lack of automated process, tons of manually performed routines and level of marketing message personalization that doesn’t meet their customer’s expectations.

Our solutions are created through perfect synergy between development team and final users. And such a constant feedback enables an opportunity to deliver really valuable results for our customers measured in revenue growth, cost and time efficiency.


We fundamentally rebuild digital-marketing routine by implementing new technologies

Highload project
Every day we send over 60 million emails, and our Kubernetes clusters process millions of requests per day. We use containers and dynamic infrastructure scaling to ensure service resiliency under load.

Microservice architecture
Our platform is built on a microservice architecture, where each module communicates with another via an API. Backend and Frontend are completely separated, thus providing a flexible and independent development.

Advanced technologies and professional growth
We do not fear to think outside the box and implement new technologies.

Our technological stack includes but not limited to Python, Golang, Docker, React, ElasticSearch. At the heart of our product is machine learning algorithms that speed up processes and optimize results in digital marketing. We deal with complex and ambitious tasks, such as product recommendations and optimization models helping to improve our partners’ business performance indicators.


Digital Contact is a place for making your ideas real and challenging yourself as a professional

We are constantly looking for people motivated to get a job done and getting inspired by successfully completed projects. This is a place for those who wants to make real difference, those who has courage to get along with complexity of digital marketing world and find geniously simple solutions to its problems. We are not about pointless buzz and corporate titles: being a part of our team means to do what really matters for the customers.

We encourage our employees to enter educational trainings and self-development programs, bring new expertize and share ideas, as it’s our culture to provide an equal opportunity for each of us to change company for the better.


Formal titles, policies and procedures are not what we stand for!

Our team is excited about the product that we work on and we do our best to become a leader of the market. So we don’t have to waste time on over-formalized procedures to work together smoothly and efficiently. We practice flexible working hours, let our employees work remotely and do avoid unnecessary rigid policies to control every step of the working process. We trust our employees to choose the most efficient way for themselves to do their job and let every team member be a part of product development and improvement.


Our teammates work from all over the world, though we do have office space in New York and Moscow if it suits you better

There is no place for soccer table or Playstation at our work space. We won’t suggest you cookies while you’re working in cozy bag chair with laptop. We’ll never put motivational stickers at your desk to make you feel better. And our managers will not cheer you up after daily / weekly / monthly / annual or whatever meetings with a cup of hot chocolate and cliche affirmations like: “You can do it! Remember, a thousand steps long journey begins with one step!” That’s not who we are…

But we suggest you much more than that: a place where like-minded people are happy to work together from any point of the world and in a way that’s mostly convenient and effective for themselves.


But we suggest you much more than that: a place where like-minded people are happy to work together from any point of the world and in a way that’s mostly convenient and effective for themselves.


We support professional development and are ready to compensate up to 100% of the training cost.


Annual and quarterly performance based bonuses. Individual benefits for personal contribution.

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