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Target your audience based on behavioral and profile data

Engage your customers with the most relevant message

Define your segments using internal and external based targets combined together through custom rules so you can go as granular as you want. Get millions of profiles filtered and available for sending in seconds to deliver relevant content.

Keep your segments updated in real-time

Automate data import from any source and have all your segments up-to-date without additional workload, so you can focus on what’s important.

Hit the right audience with the right offer

Reach your audience with the relevant message and improve key metrics by using auto targeting intelligence.

Exchange your segments with ads platforms

Automate your segments upload to your advertising platforms for targeting them across other channels and create look-alike audiences.


Get all creatives arranged by offers, products and touchpoints

Store all your custom designs in an explicit structured database

Optimize how you manage your assets database so you can effortlessly perform split-tests, use dynamic content, set stop-lists offer-wise and deliver content-based targeting.

Upload raw HTML-templates and edit directly from the interface

Populate email designs quickly without changing your original process. Keep your code exactly as you intended it to be for better deliverability with preview and editing available.

Be more efficient with dynamic condition-based content blocks

Get more out of your first-party data with personalized scripting language to deliver interactive and highly-targeted messages.

Align your messages with a customer journey for better engagement

Win your customer heart with email campaigns designed specifically for every stage of the customer lifecycle.


Design relevant and engaging email experiences fast

Send data-driven content

Get your behavioral and profile data seamlessly integrated with dynamic content to personalize at scale.

Boost your customer’s inbox experience

Be in control of your subscribers’ inbox experiences with unique independable designs for mobile, interactive and regular emails.

Enhance personalization with machine learning

Tailor content using AI in each email based on individual user behavior, essentially creating a segment of one.

Automate intelligent messages

Build your message once, and watch the AI deliver the best and freshest content day after day. Review asset-level metrics to refine your content over time.


Keep talking with your subscribers 1-on-1,
whether you’re sending 1 or 20 million

Leave nothing to chance

Preview and test every message before you send it to ensure quality in every email.

Automate the email journey

delivery schedule so customers experience your brand the way you want — without a heavy manual workload.

Build 1-to-1 relationships with every customer

Unmatched flexibility and scalability empower you to maintain 1-to-1 relationships — even with enterprise audiences of millions.

Fine-tune on the fly

Make rapid iterations to your journey and run tests quickly and confidently. Learn what’s working, what isn’t, and how to perfect each campaign.

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