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Make every interaction with your customer relevant across multiple channels with a drag-and-drop Journey editor.

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Deliver seamless customer experiences binding together email, mobile, web, sales and all custom events you can imagine.

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Design a clear path for your customers through 1-to-1 relationships at scale

Get insights about your customers through comprehensive data

Exploit full range of your customer data from any source by having profile attributes, flags, purchase and engagement behaviour combined together.

Walk customers through every key touch point

Reach out to your customers at the right time when they are most likely to get engaged by triggering them right after purchase, interest based signal, when browsing your website, or performing any meaningful actions for your business.

Make changing preferences count

Keep customers’ journeys tuned with their current and anticipating behavior automatically.


Deliver consistent message across all marketing channels

Bring your strategy to the next level of clarity with visualized journey

Visualize your customers’ journeys for reference and revision, regardless of complexity.

Keep the same voice across marketing channels

Be in contact with your customers wherever they are, keeping your message aligned across email, sms, web, ads and any tools that your teams may use for communications.

Integrate your departments

Empower marketing, sales, customercare divisions synergy around customer journey experience improvements.


Align your campaign with changing customer behavior and interests in real-time

Be prepared for randomness

Lay out and automate journey logic for pushing customers through your funnel, no matter what paths they take.

Exceed customer expectations with in-depth analytics

Take data-informed actions based on explicit performance reports for each trigger added to the journey.

Do less and get more with AI help

Simplify your daily customer journey optimization routine with machine learning to deliver personalized relevant offers, the best performing subjects, creatives, and from-names with no additional work for your team.


Enhance your teams collaboration with the unified customer journey while keeping their proven marketing tools in place

Align strategy and tools specifically designed for your tasks

Integrate your favorite marketing, sales and customer service tools into the customer journeys, so your teams aren't stuck with a learning curve, yet could see the big picture.

Optimize your engagement with end-to-end journey reports

Analyze starting from the atomic level of individual engagement to aggregate journey performance.

Grant different level-access to your teams

Create groups for each division or team and stay in control of what each team member can or can not do in your account.

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