Digital Contact

Digital Contact Professional

Increase revenue and boost your marketing ROI with highly-relevant one-on-one campaigns

Digital Contact marketing automation platform empowers capture, unifying, and activation of your customer data to enhance 1-on-1 communications at scale and nurture your leads along their journeys.

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Customer Data Platform

Unify your data with Digital Contact CDP

Digital CDP helps personalize your customers’ experience along their way from the first contact to building loyalty. Stitch your divided audience data together for a complete understanding of your customers and their motivations.

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Journey Studio

Utilize customer signals with Journey Studio

Make every interaction with your customer relevant across multiple channels and deliver seamless customer experiences binding together email, mobile, web, sales, and all custom events you can imagine.

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Email Studio

Personalize your content with Email Studio

Learn why Digital Contact is a smart choice platform for successful email marketing and how you can manage customer journeys at scale utilizing data from any source.

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Audience studio

Level up your targeting with Audience Studio

Digital Contact Audience Studio helps to have all your customer data centralized and available from an intuitive interface for deep segmentation with SQL-like granularity while aligning your interactions with compliance policies.

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