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The right

Personalization Digital Contact AI Lite in action

Do you manually plan and optimize your email marketing campaigns, and use A/B testing to validate hypotheses?

You might already be losing to the competition...


The Right Product

Digital Contact Data Hub Platform analyzes your website visitor data and shows exactly what each recipient is interested in. A/B testing is a thing of the past; AI can generate a unique version of an email optimized for every single member of your audience.

The Right Time

Digital Contact Data Hub Platform automatically delivers highly personalized trigger-messages at the time when the recipient is most likely to check their emails. Alternatively, the AI can choose an entirely different channel, if it deems email ineffective for this particular person.


The Right Customer

Digital Contact Data Hub Platform analyzes omni-channel data in real time, tracks behaviour and intentions of visitors, and offers your product to those who are most likely to convert.

Impressive results
of our clients

2x increase in conversion
3x increase in conversion
2,6x increase in conversion

Why us

Capabilities Digital Contact Data Hub Standard marketing service
Precise segmentation
Automatically generates contact lists for email marketing campaigns with a specific offer
Only uses manual segmentation
Tracking and data collection
Collects and analyzes visitor data in real time and optimizes your marketing activity based on changes in the behaviour of users
Only uses your existing CRM data
Website and email content personalization

Automatically selects content for each individual subscriber as after the purchase or subscription.

Manages website content and optimizes emails using cutting-edge AI technology.

Uses manual segmentation to personalize emails, doesn’t interact with the website and doesn’t leverage visitor data

Time and channel tailored for each recipient
Automatically sends out messages to subscribers at the time when they are most likely to check their emails
Sends out emails at a predetermined time or when triggered by an event
Dedicated project team
We’ll set you up on the platform, integrate it and develop a strategy
Gives access to the platform for self-service.

Comparing Digital Contact to another email-marketing services

What you get
after implementation?

  • up to 80% of contacts convert
    into paying customers
  • x2-3 Increase in sales from email campaigns
  • +30% Increase in profitability of the customer base

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