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Digital CDP helps personalize your customers’ experience along their way from the first contact to building loyalty.

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Capture, unify, and activate your customer data to enhance 1-on-1 communications at scale.

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Complete your customers profile

Bring all your data sources under one umbrella

Stitch your divided audience data together for complete understanding of your customers and their motivations.

Arrange all your customer data into a single customer ID

Build a unified profile for each customer by putting together all the multiple sources that you have, such as email, behavioral flags, CRM, online & offline interactions with your product.

Integrate insights about the customer across departments

Align the customer journey and your team efforts to make every interaction relevant to the customer.


Create as granular segments as you want

Implement any targeting logic you can imagine

Creating an audience segment has never been so powerful with combining together first-, second-, and third-party data. Without writing any code, achieve the same granularity as you get through SQL queries.

Adjust your segments as you go

Get accurate counts of your custom target audiences in no time with unified customer data.

Keep your audiences organized and auto updated

Segment, target and manage your audiences from one central interface so you have clear visibility of your customer data distribution.


Utilize your customer data across multiple channels

Engage customers across marketing channels

Go far beyond the email marketing by advertising the right content to the right segments and personas with agile API for any level of custom integrations.

Be compliant and confident about your data management

Manage your clients’ data with ease and be aligned with GDPR and CCPA requirements. Track and apply to your campaigns unsubscriptions and consent flags automatically.

Optimize your campaigns data-wise

Get every interaction along your customer journey tracked and implement this insight into your campaigns on the go.

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