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Digital Contact optimizes marketing communications using Machine Learning to increase profit without escalating costs.

During the 16 years in the market, the Digital Contact team managed to achieve email marketing conversion rates comparable to those of paid search advertising. Moreover, up to 80% of the collected contacts go on to make at least one purchase in the next 8 months.

Everything that we do is connected by the idea of highly personalized communications with prospective clients - the right product, at the right time, to the right customer.

Today, we offer help to companies who are looking to improve conversion, increase online sales and are ready to step into the future with us!

Evolving with the market



Subscription-based services are replacing self-made solutions. Email marketing is becoming more accessible yet still relies on the marketers’ skills. Digital Contact launches an email marketing and deliverability management service.



Big data is being used by large companies to improve communication performance but it is still out of the reach of small and medium businesses due to the high costs and expertise requirements. Digital Contact is developing a marketing automation platform.



Thanks to new technology, Machine Learning has become available to many, and marketing enters the artificial intelligence age. Digital Contact releases the first AI-powered marketing automation platform.



AI finds a broad range of applications, including marketing automation. But while everyone’s talking about it, we’re doing it. Digital Contact continues to innovate and leverage the cutting-edge technologies to deliver results for our clients, including doubling conversion from a single channel and multiplying sales by double-digit numbers.

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