Digital Contact


Backend developer


Developing and supporting microservices, leading small projects


3 year of relevant experience, good skills in Python or/and Golang, understanding and experience of the technologies in our stack, good skills in work with Git and Unix

Tech stack

Python 3, Golang, docker, docker-compose, mysql, mongodb, rabbitmq, redis, elasticsearch, clickhouse, uwsg

ML Data Scientist


Predictive modeling and analytics, working with Big Data (digital marketing data)


solid mathematical background, good knowledge of analytic tools and data processing skills, basic coding knowledge (Python or R), data-driven approach

Account manager

We’re always interested in enthusiastic account managers in our team. We expect them being really into our product to help our clients with finding the best options and understanding what the clients want and need for the long-term cooperation.

Being fond of digital marketing, understanding how email marketing works and develops, and strong communication skills make our Account Manager special.

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